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Back to the Roots is a journey around the beautiful Island of Sardinia,

Surfing is the key,
visiting the incredible places of this land and discovering the great values of its culture.

Tramit that make this great adventure begin.
Sardinia Island is the protagonist of the documentary, a land that still preserves its own culture characterized by a strong respect for its deep roots.

An Island with its beauty and its waves that you did not expect to find right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. 
A land full of breathtaking and unspoiled landscapes that with its strategic position for the maritime exchanges in the past and with its ancestors has got an important role in the old history.
This journey, made by Alessandro through his homeland, is characterized by the respect for the sea, the love for mother nature and the strong desire to meet finally his own roots. 
Surfing in Sardinia is a strong reality, with many pioneers of the Mediterranean Surfing living in there, with a new generation of surfers growing day by day and 220 days of surfable waves during the year.
Through this Surf Documentary, there is the rediscovery of the values of surfing.
The friendship, the respect for the sea and the love for mother nature are probably some of the strongest reasons why we are all constantly pushed to jump in the water and ride the waves of the Ocean.

Back to the Roots wants to bring back the lost values to the nowadays, showing what surfing really means.

Back to the Roots is a metaphor of life.

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