Gianluca Fortunato

Photographer and videomaker

Hey everybody,

I have been a photographer since 2013, in these last years I found myself working in many fields of photography. Thanks to my dynamic and curious character I have ranged from photojournalism to sport and from fashion to landscape.

In 2016 after a period of self-taught I decided to undertake a training course by attending the Master of reportage and landscape at the Roman School of Photography and Cinema to expand my knowledge.

Lately I have gained a lot of experience in the video field by collaborating with some agencies for international brands.

My jumping from one area to another is not to be confused, I just try to have an all-round vision of what it means to be photographers. In such a way as to be a point of reference for the customer.

For any info or job contact at gianlucafortunato.gf@gmail.com

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